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Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery before and After breast Implants and Nose Job

The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs

This site has a list of ‘The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs’, click here to view. The usual suspects are there (Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson) along with some surprises like Janet Jackson and Ivanka Trump. Vivica gets the top spot for worst celebrity boob job, which I disagree with. In my opinion, Victoria Beckham has the worst breast implants, because hers look like orange halves attached to her chest. Do you think Vicki will hate me for writing this? Probably, so let’s make fun of her breasts some more, click here or here.

Janet Jackson needs a ‘plastic surgery vacation’

The site also offers a peak at the gross right nipple of Pamela Anderson, which looks oddly placed and weathered (I suppose multiple breast implant surgeries will do that to you).

You may have noticed there’s a new Janet Jackson Nutrisystem commercial airing now. Jackson’s size has fluctuated through the years, so it should be no surprise that she’d be tapped for a weight-loss commercial on her way down the scale again.

But her body isn’t the only thing that appears to have changed. Is her face morphing into that of her sister La Toya?

“Janet Jackson has definitely had some recent work done on her face,” says Dr. Semira Bayati, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach who reviewed the commercial and photos of Jackson from the past.

“Her nose has been re-done, to narrow the base,” Bayati says.  “It resembles her sister La Toya’s nose now.  She has had some filling under her eyes to give her a more elevated lower eyelid, for that dreamy appearance … She has also lengthened her chin to make the face longer so that it appears thinner overall.”

Bayati also sees signs of  Botox as well as filler to soften jowls.

It’s all too much, says Dr. Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach.

“I’d love to see Janet go easy on the facial procedures for the time being,” he says. ”Although she looks restored, to my eye she is looking a little too … everything.

“Her face needs a plastic surgery vacation.”

Singer-dancer Janet Jackson, 44, has molded her appearance with plastic surgery, extreme dieting and rigorous exercise.

But now it’s time for the yo-yo dieting and plastic surgeries to stop, doctors say. Jackson is on the talk-show circuit promoting a new book, “True You,” and says that she has settled into a healthy routine.

Radical weight loss and gains create unhealthy levels of stress on the body, medical experts agree.

Even cosmetic doctors urge Jackson to avoid further plastic surgeries. Her brother, Michael, failed to heed such advice. As a result, he turned himself into an object of mockery.

The effects of Janet Jackson’s nose-narrowing surgery are apparent in the photos above.  In addition, many plastic surgeons agree, she later got breast implants.

In her book, she traces her unhappiness with her body back to 1979, when she was an 11-year-old with early-developing breasts on the TV show “Good Times.”

She said, “Before production began, I was told two things: I was fat and needed to slim down, and because I was beginning to develop, I needed to bind my breasts. In both cases the message was devastating—my body was wrong. The message was also clear—to be successful, I had to change the way I looked.”

Local cosmetic doctors aren’t impressed with the changes that her nose job made, but most say she’s looking good and should do nothing more, other than modest treatments such as skin care.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow of Newport Beach believes that Jackson may have benefited from modern cosmetic treatments, which have improved on earlier work that made her nose and breasts look fake. He said:

    “Janet Jackson is a great example of how plastic surgery has changed through the years. If you look at the earlier photos of her nose and breasts she has an artificial look to these areas. Now either through the natural relaxation of time or modern day revisions she looks beautiful and more natural consistent with how we do modern day procedures. The key today is to have no signs of having had surgery, which she’s looking more like now.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Val Lambros of Newport Beach said, “I think she looks great except for the nose.” If she were his patient, ” I’d tell her to do nothing and to stop being insecure,” he said.

“Janet Jackson looks good!” said plastic surgeon Dr. Ed Domanskis of Newport Beach. “I am sure she is understandably very cautious of having cosmetic surgery on her face because of her brother Michael’s misadventures! I would recommend a non-surgical procedure like Thermage (i.e. radiofrequency waves)  for her face and eye area to achieve some tightening in those areas.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente and Orange said, “I think she’s had her eyes and nose done in addition to her breasts. Facially I’d leave her alone. Breast-wise I would need a better exam, but if her implants are silicone-gel-filled and older, an exchange would be reasonable plus or minus a lift.”

Dermatologist Dr. Vince Afsahi of Tustin and Newport Beach said:

    “Janet Jackson has aged very gracefully. Her nose has been shaped but her overall appearance is quite natural. When looking at the photos of her at age 14 in comparison to age 44 we see how there is dramatic similarity, which is often the goal of any cosmetic procedure.

    “Looking at the softness of her laugh lines, one can think that this incredible genetics or fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. The latter is more likely in someone her age.

    “My advice is get on a medical skin-care routine and keep looking natural. No major surgery or procedures! She looks great.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Persky of Encino said:

    “Janet Jackson has obviously had breast and nasal surgery, likely multiple of both. I would not recommend any further plastic surgery at this time. Skin care and non-invasive [laser-like] tightening treatments such as Pelleve, Thermage, Profecta, or Ulthera could be offered for maintenance.

Janet Jackson had a nose job to narrow the bridge of of her nose and reduce a bulbous tip.  The star has had plastic surgery in the past, so the rhinoplasty came as no surprise.  Also, plastic surgery obviously runs in the family. The before and after photo's of Janet Jackson is a little disheartening.  Like Michael, she went over the top on her nose job.  The width is unnaturally thin and the tip is too small.  No natural nose will ever look like that.  The goal of rhinoplasty is to achieve an aesthetic and natural looking result.  Her nose look good before plastic surgery.  If she were to get a nose job then she should have had a much more subtle approach.
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Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Janice Dickinson Before And After

Janice Dickinson is very proud of her various plastic surgeries and use of Botox, although I believe the sheer number of procedures she has had merely make her look older, especially when she is wearing makeup and attempting to ‘smile’ on the red carpet.

As you can see, she had naturally well defined bee stung lips, but now they are ‘different’. Also, her cheeks appear wider to me.

Is Cindy Crawford morphing into Janice Dickinson?

Is Cindy Crawford morphing into Janice Dickinson? Looks like it!! Cindy’s cheeks are looking plump and not just because she is smiling. I just saw a new picture of plastic surgery victim Janice Dickinson and was struck by the idea that maybe the two go to the same plastis surgeon!

Cindy looks like she has had work done. The set of her eyes is different and skin looks suspiciously unwrinkled.

Like stupid, awful plastic surgery is forever. Just ask Janice Dickinson. Here, she is trying to make sexy faces as if she were still in her modeling heyday. Those days are going forever, Miss D, so if you don’t stop the facial acrobatics, your face will get stuck like that.

I won’t even go into guessing what plastic surgery procedures I believe Janice has had done, since she has bragged about having everything done. I can only guess that she forgot to add ‘at least twice’.

Janice Dickinson likes to call herself ‘the world’s first supermodel’. I like to call her ‘super crazy’. She does not look good these days and seems to be smuggling chesnuts in her cheeks. Janice doesn’t live in Beverly Hills, she probably lives in a storage room with the other Muppets.

She’s got the worst set of cheek implants I’ve ever seen. They detract from her facial harmony (what is left of it).

Janice Dickinson has been showing off some dazzling new larger breast implants. The tough don’t get older, they just go larger. Damn, the implant ripples, full speed ahead.

Janice Dickinson, taken without all the lights and greased lenses used on ‘America’s Top Model’ (a reality tv show where she is a judge). As you can see from the photo, the added on camera effects hide alot of awful plastic surgery.
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