Gary Busey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Gary Busey has already been mentioned on this site for having dental veneers that look too fat, chunky, and box-like. Now, it looks like his chiclet teeth are tinged yellow. Normally, veneers are very stable in color, so there must be something wrong with his. His dentist owes him a refund.

I like Gary Busey. Who doesn’t? Well, if you have seen him on Celebrity Apprentice it appears that some people don’t. I’m not sure if they really don’t like him or only get a little frazzled by his unpredictability. I don’t have to make him do anything constructive so I don’t have any problems with his style. This creative spontaneous style is apparently due in part to the brain damage he suffered in a motorcycle accident in 1988 that fractured his skull. Perhaps, part of it is due to the cocaine habit he had for many years or whatever else he did that we don’t know about. Anyway, he is still a likable guy.
Gary’s story is more a before and after motorcycle accident story than it is a before and after plastic surgery story. If he hadn’t had the accident, he probably wouldn’t have done much to his raw tough features. Well, he lives in Hollywood so who knows. The accident clearly damaged the structure and tissue of his face and it is still very noticeable when he is smiling because on the left side around his eye the muscle doesn’t work as originally designed. The doctors I’m sure did their to repair the injury. If Gary has had a few more procedures or will in the future to fix things up a bit who can blame him.
Now, the huge horse teeth porcelain veneers are another story. His teeth may have been damage in the accident too but these ones are just too big. Now that its done, how do you downsize?
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