Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After Cheek Plumped and Botox

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery? See Before and After Pictures!
Actress Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith, has been sporting a rather new face lately leading many to believe she has gotten plastic surgery!

The 40-year-old mother of two looks most different in her cheek area with experts stating they believe she had something done to her cheeks.

Jada “appears to have returned to the hospital for a little plastic surgery, causing her cheeks to look plumped up,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, tells Radar Onine.

“I suspect that she’s undergone injections of fat into her cheeks, possibly taken from her buttocks.  It’s also possible that this dramatic change in her appearance is due to surgical augmentation with solid silicone cheek implants,” he added.

Those look more drastic than injections so we’re gonna go with cheek implants! But we’ll let you be the judge.

Jada Pinkett Smith before and after! Her cheeks look noticeably different!

Jada Pinkett Smith CheeksDid Jada get cheek implants?

Like any attractive and powerful woman in Hollywood there are Jada Pinkett Smith surgery speculations aplenty.

But let’s back up a moment. Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of actor Will Smith, is a woman that’s gained success in a multitude of fields.

She’s an actress, a singer, a director and on top of all that she’s also a producer and song writer that started her own production company and makeover line. Quite a lot of achievement to fit into a life that began in 1971.

But despite her natural beauty and her success, there are still some that cry foul on what they believe is bad celebrity plastic surgery.

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Cosmetic Surgery?

While she might not draw the same fervor as the Lady Gaga cosmetic surgery speculations, there are people that remain convinced that Smith has had plastic surgery.

However, different from other women in Hollywood who are accused of a laundry list of celebrity plastic surgery procedures, the main culprit appears to be Smith’s cheeks.

Fans of Jada Pinkett Smith have pointed out that her cheeks appear to have grown rounder and fuller, stretching the skin slightly and making the change look unnatural. While even if this is true it’s a far cry from making Jada Pinkett Smith a surgery celebrity, there are fans that worry if she’s had one procedure that she’ll have more in time.

Unlike other speculations, such as the Suzanne Somers surgery rumors we still keep hearing, there’s a lot of wiggle room for Jada Pinkett Smith’s appearance to be completely natural. Since we’re comparing before and after photographs, it’s important to remember that photographs can, and often do, lie to us. Especially if you have a pre-conceived notion and you’re looking for proof.

As a for instance, the hairstyle you’re wearing can completely change the look and style of your face, and one thing that Jada’s known for are her occasionally wild and exotic looking do’s.

So there’s one potential explanation. Additionally light, background and foreground composition, head tilt, distance from the camera and dozens of other factors can all influence how one picture looks. So in order to make a comparison, just like when you’re doing an experiment, all of these little details need to be the same, or as close as possible for you to attribute the difference to a change in the celebrity’s face.

Does all of that mean that Jada Pinkett Smith’s various looks and styles are hiding her plastic surgery?

No, in much the same way that it doesn’t answer the question of whether she did or did not have any work done on her face. And since doctors can’t divulge their work without fear of being sued, we essentially have to wait for Jada to step forward and answer a definitive yes or no.

Though as we’ve seen in the past just because a celebrity denies surgery, that won’t mean the rumors stop.

Jada Pinkett Smith cosmetic surgery rumors aren’t any different.

Has youthful Jada Pinkett Smith had her cheeks plumped up by a surgeon?

Jada Pinkett Smith maintains her lean body by eating for 'nutrients' rather than 'pleasure'.

But it seems the 40-year-old may have had a outside little help with her remarkably youthful face.

The star's cheeks looked surprisingly plump while promoting her new film Madagascar 3 last night, sparking speculation she may have hand cosmetic surgery.

'The Hawthorne star appears to have returned to the hospital for a little plastic surgery, causing her cheeks to look plumped up,'
celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the actress, told RadarOnline.com.

'I suspect that she's undergone injections of fat into her cheeks, possibly taken from her buttocks.

'It's also possible that this dramatic change in her appearance is due to surgical augmentation with solid silicone cheek implants,' he is quoted as saying.

The mother of two children has often been the target of plastic surgery rumours.

Indeed, barely a week goes by without Pinkett Smith's face being plastered in a magazine or on a website and analyzed by doctors who haven't treated her.

She's reported to have had injections of Botox in her face several times.

Although repeatedly asked about procedures she may or may have done, the Matrix actress has refused to answer.

Pinkett Smith openly discusses her diet and extreme exercise routine - she is a martial artist - but always has a 'no comment' about anything else.

On working hard to maintain her glamorous Hollywood image, Pinkett Smith once said: 'I won't sell my soul to the devil, but I do want success and I don't think that's bad.'
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