Glen Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job?

Glen Campbell Denies Nose Job 
Rhinestone cowboy, Glen Campbell, has gotten into the plastic game in his golden years. He’s gone from a button nose to a fake looking long nose. Look at how they built up his bridge!
Glen Campbell sang “Rhinestone Cowboy” and has been arrested a few times. That right there is about all anybody under the age of forty probably remembers about him. However, he’s also won a Grammy Award, so that makes him a celebrity, which means that the rumors of him getting a nose job (rhinoplasty) are ours to debunk. A lot of people seem to think that he’s screwed with his nose in recent years to make it more defined. However, while it does look thin, it seems more like he’s just getting old. It for sure looks different, but there’s not enough of a difference to warrant claims of surgery. His nose still has that weird flat spot at the tip, and I can’t help but think that if he had work done, he would have gotten rid of it. It’s also very possible that lighting differences in pictures taken of him (especially his mug shot) have created the illusion of a vastly different nose, when it reality, the changes are only slight. Check out the pics and judge for yourselves folks.
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