Don Johnson Nose Plastic Surgery Before and After

Don Johnson and His Different Noses.
Sometimes people can’t decide what to buy at the store. I do this all the time. I pick up one bag of chips, then put them back and grab another one. Then I grab apples, but put them back because I want grapes. I just can’t stick to a decision. Don Johnson has done this with his nose. Looking back in the 70s, the Miami Vice and Nash Bridges star had a very small nose, which was thin at the tip and short overall. Then looking at him in the 80s, during his heyday, his nose was a little longer and had a wider tip. Now, we see him with a mid-ground. He has the longer nose and a thinner tip. This says to me that he has had at least two nose jobs (rhinoplasty). There’s also evidence that he may have had a face lift, seeing how tight his skin looks, but that could be anything from botox, to too much tanning, to make up. One thing is for sure thought, like his career, his nose has gone up and down.

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