Donatella Versace Face, Lips, Nose Plastic Surgery Before and After

What the heck is going on with Donatella's face?
Donatella Versace is one of the world’s leading designers, but the most attention getting aspect of her career now is her constantly morphing face. In the mid 90s, she had normal sized lips. By 2000, they had blown up tremendously. What are her lips plumped with? Implants or collagen? I am not sure, but it is scary. Then there is her nose which looks like it has widened (and keeps stretching). I believe there was a story that Donatella was hospitalized for cocaine addiction and if that is what made her nose look like this, then its a great advertisement for ‘Say No To Drugs’. Her eyes also appear tampered with. She looks more ‘alert’ and not in a good way, but it a facially stretched way.
Donatella Versace unsuccessfully tries to buy youth
Donatella Versace has unsuccessfully tried to buy youth, but persists on pulling, peeling, and cutting her way back to the age of 25. Right now, the skin on her jawline looks insanely tight and her lips are huge (will they explode soon?)
In 1997, Donatella was normal in appearance. Now, she is the next Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka the cat lady).
Donatella Versace – the long hidden before photo
Donatella was mostly a mystery to the world before her designer brother’s death. Now, she is known as the head of Versace and for having an insane amount of plastic surgery on her nose and lips. Today, a photo of what she looked like in 1990 surfaced.

What a difference a million swipes of the plastic surgeon’s knife makes. New nose, rounder eyes, plumper lips, more prominent chin, veneers, etc.

Donatella's Lip Collagen Distaster
Donatella Versace is in the midst of a lip collagen disaster. Her lips have blown up twice their original size, see the the photos below.
donatella versace lip collagen

Donatella has also delved into rhinoplasty a few times. Notice how her nostrils have changed over the years.
donatella versace lip collagen
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