Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Before and After.
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An American TV star Bethenny Frankel seems to enter the club of the celebrity plastic surgery lovers.

This actress, famous for her part in “The Real Housewives” is absolutely happy with her new boobs today.

Bethenny’s way to a perfect breast was really hard. She went through a number of plastic surgeries including the breast augmentation and a breast lift.

Today some people claim that boobs are not the only part of her body that has been surgically changed.

Bethenny Frankel Breast Implants.

Many women imagine having breast implants will solve their body issues. But Bethenny Frankel has revealed that getting D cup implants made her self image worse. ‘They were still saggy, only now they were bigger!’ the 40-year-old explained. It was only after undergoing expensive corrective surgery that Bethenny learnt to like her body more more.

Bethenny, who stars in her own reality show Bethenny Ever After, told Life & Style magazine decided to take action about her 'droopy' breasts in 2005, only to come away hating her new breasts even more.

The former The Real Housewives of New York City star admitted she was naturally blessed with ample 34C sized breasts, but their shape and saggy appearance upset her daily.
She said: ‘I wanted a breast lift.’

The saga began when at 35, Bethenny sought the advice of a plastic surgeon who told her a set of implants would solve her discontentment. Five years on, Bethenny says the costly procedure didn’t rid her of the insecurities, only making them worse.
Unable to afford more surgery, Bethenny was forced to live with her new, larger breasts.

Fortunately, reality TV has since changed all that for the married mother of one.
Her appearance on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart for her first big break as it paved the way for an even bigger break on The Real Housewives in 2008. Her success on both shows made Bethenny a household name and a very wealthy woman.
With enough money in the bank, she decided it was high time she got her unwanted implants removed and had a breast lift to boost her confidence once more.
Bethenny is now overjoyed with the results from her second procedure and claims she has not looked back since.
This week, she revealed ‘I’m not self-conscious any more. I walk around the house naked.’
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