Cheryl Cole Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Jobs

Cheryl Cole won't have cosmetic surgery to fit in with LA's in crowd.
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Cheryl Cole has no intention of undergoing cosmetic surgery when she moves to Los Angeles, despite admitting she fears she will never be happy with her body.

The X Factor judge's hair, makeup and fashion choices influence thousands of women, while FHM readers have twice voted her the sexiest woman in the world.

However, Chezza has revealed she has self-esteem issues and struggles to identify with the public's image of her.

'Do you ever reach the point when you're happy with your body? I don't think you do. I can look in the mirror in the morning and feel rubbish,' she told Fabulous magazine.

The Girls Aloud star, who is set to move to LA in a bid to make a name for herself in the US, added that she has never looked in the mirror and thought she looked good.

Despite that, she won't be following Hollywood trends and going under the knife.
 'I don't think it's good or nice, because everyone looks the same. Part of being you is your uniqueness and identity,' Cheryl said.

'If you get the same surgery as the woman next door then chances are you'll start looking the same. That's just not good.'

Cheryl, who has been enjoying a holiday in South Africa with new boyfriend Derek Hough, is set to join the panel of The X Factor in the US later this year, despite being a virtual unknown on the other side of the Atlantic.

Simon Cowell is said to have repeatedly clashed with TV executives about his choice of Cheryl, but stuck to his guns and is now believed to have got his own way.

Cheryl Cole talks having plastic surgery.
Cheryl Cole reckons that plastic surgery is pretty silly because all it does it make everyone look the same. However, we would argue it can also make you look like no one else, except maybe Jodie Marsh or this chick. Speaking to Grazia, she said:

"Everything in the US is a little larger than life. I've already seen a few funny sights. I can't quite get my head around everyone having the same nose, because I think it's the unique things about your face that make you beautiful. I'm not judging, but unless something is really getting you down, it's best not to mess with nature."
Having just been spotted flitting off to Cannes and back to LA in basically the same week, Chezza also talked about how all her recent jet setting is playing havoc with her peachy mug. She said:

"I’m used to sitting on a plane with all my make-up on the whole way, but now I realize I can't do this if I'm flying so much. It's so bad for your skin. Now, I'll smother on oil or serum once I'm on board. Actually, I'm going to ask the air hostesses what they use, they must know a few tricks to stop the flying from messing with your skin."
We totally always notice this, those globetrotter ladies seriously must have some hot beauty secrets. There is nothing worse than facing a pearly toothed, gorgeous skinned trolley dolly after a long haul flight.
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