Cat Woman Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Jocelyn Wildenstein is been popular as the “cat woman” and the “Bride of Wildenstein”. Jocelyn Wildenstein is a wealthy socialite who is famous for her overly extensive Plastic Surgery. According to her opinion, Plastic Surgery gives her confidence.
It is certain that Wildenstein has a 66,000-acre ranch in Kenya and favors cheetahs and lynxes, but it is not certain how many Plastic Surgeries Wildenstein has undergone to create her jutting cheekbones, teardrop-shaped eyes and oversized lips.
Jocelyn Wildenstein is the woman who has spent thousands of dollars in Plastic Surgery transforming her face to look like a cat originally from France. She is been recently named the world’s scariest celebrity.
She is still not satisfied and improving her looks. “The Cat Woman”, has spent more than 4 million dollars on Plastic Surgery to look like this! Her eyes have even been pulled up and back, several silicone injections given to the lips, cheek, and chin along with a face lift to appear more cats like.
Jocelyn Wildenstein, 67, was married with the billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein in the late 70s. The couple was famous for spending money – it is said that they spent as much as million per month. But she was granted a divorce in 1999 when she found her husband in bed with a 19-year-old Russian model.
It is been said that, to save her marriage she had Plastic Surgery to keep herself young and beautiful but the Plastic Surgery had Gone Wrong and she suffered from Bad Plastic Surgery. So she told her plastic surgeons that she wanted to look like a cat because she loves cats so much.
Many women think it's sexy to dress up as cat woman, but nobody wanted to look like her. She is the scariest women. If you invest thousands of money to change the interiors of your house, it will lead a better house but if u invest thousands of money to change the structure of your face it is not necessary to lead a better face. It is because your face is not a house. It is the gift of god, accept it as it is.
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