Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bipasha Basu plastic surgery before and after
Then we have Bipasha Basu, the Ajnaabi girl who’s Raaz has been unveiled, she got a nose job, a face job and well the list goes on. Bipasha the sexy siren has a hot bod to flaunt and the looks to kill.
Her surgeon has done a wonderful job and this bomb shell has drove millions of men around the world including John and yes Chistiano crazy and wanting to be her Lucky Boy.

When we look at ourselves in the mirrors all we look at our imperfection. We all wish something or the other. Some wished that their nose was of perfect shape, their cheeks much fuller while others wished that they had the perfect jaw line with the perfect Cupid ’s bow shaped lips or the bee stung lips. In the tinsel town of Bollywood, actresses just have to call up their doctors to get them repaired.

 Athletic beauty Bipasha Basu who has a very good skin and a fit body has recently revealed her beauty secrets. She says, “I am a kind of person who is completely into workouts. I believe in being healthy and it’s not about just looking good. I always feel that being healthy is the key reason for me. That’s the reason I am so much into fitness”, Says Bipasha.
Bipasha reveals her health and beauty regime. “I drink 10 glasses of water a day. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF every time I step out in the sun. Eat small meals, around six times a day at regular intervals. Involve the proper food items in my diet judiciously which are highly nutritious. Exercising 4 times a week at minimum for an hour a day and minimum 7-8 hours of sleep a day definitely makes one look fit and beautiful.” she signs off.
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