Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Cameron Diaz Have Plastic Surgery?
Cameron Diaz photos
First Cameron Diaz was photographed looking bustier than usual, leading to speculation that she got a good ol' fashioned Hollywood boob job.

Now, in recent photographs, Cameron's face is looking…well, it's….I don’t want to be rude, it's just…here, I'll let someone else explain.  "There's something about Cameron Diaz's face that is very unusual."

Yes, that’s it. Anyway, that's what celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn had to say about Cameron, according to Dr. Youn continued.

"She looks like she's preparing to take her costar Jim Carrey's role in The Mask!".

Woah! Hey man, stick with cutting up rich people’s faces. Leave the smarmy comments to us. Is it just me or does Cameron Diaz look like she could take her costar Jim Carrey's role in The Mask? You know?

"Her forehead is excessively smooth, a possible consequence of overdone Botox injections. Her face also looks extremely shiny," Dr. Youn went on to say.

"Although I do not believe she's had a facelift," he explained. "Laser treatments or chemical peels could account for her smooth, shiny skin.”

 So there you have it. Diaz probably just had a chemical peel or something. Looks like that mystery is solved. Back in 2006, Cameron admitted to having a nose job, saying it was for medical purposes. Diaz broke it in a surfing accident. So what does Dr. Youn think Cameron should soothe or waxy face?

Plastic Surgeon Believes Cameron Diaz Had Breasts Enlargement Surgery.

When photos of Cameron Diaz appearing with fuller breasts surfaced earlier this week, rumors were quick to spread that she had gone under the knife. Now a plastic surgeon from Long Beach, California weighed in on the speculation, saying that he indeed believed that the actress has upped her breasts size through surgery.

The 39-year-old star is famous for being flat-chested but she showed different shape of her breasts while hitting a Hawaiian beach in a tiny bikini. Dr. Marcel Daniels, who has not treated the star, told Radar Online that it was not just a weight gain.

"In my opinion, she has had an augmentation and not just gained weight as she is as thin as ever," Dr. Daniels said, adding the actress added two sizes of cup from A to C. "I think that by going for proportionally sized implants she has succeeded in making people wonder if they are real or real expensive...the hall mark of a job well done!" he continued. "It is not overdone and fills out her bikini nicely."

Diaz herself has not commented on the report, but in the past she said she won't rule out plastic surgery. "I'll never say never to anything," she told British Vogue.

Did Cameron Diaz Have Plastic Surgery? Her Face Looks Different!
As Cameron Diaz stepped out of a car to attend the Versace runway show during Paris’ Fashion Week, her face had a practically frozen, surprised sort of look. “She’s showing fewer smile lines around her eyes,” says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber, who does not treat the star. "It's the kind of results that are the sort of thing a good eyelid surgery or Botox can produce."
At 39, Cameron is still gorgeous, and it seemed like she was one of the few who had embraced aging gracefully.

"I think you get better as you age," Cameron said just last year. "You know what you want, and you become stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.”

But for women in Hollywood, appearances carry more weight than life experience, and Cameron might have felt compelled to tweak what God gave her.

“She’s been on a major self-improvement binge lately,” confides an insider. "She's been complaining a lot about how droopy her eyes are getting and all of a sudden she looks refreshed. She's had Botox she calls it maintenance but this time the buzz among her friends is that she's had an eye lift."
Has Cameron Diaz Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Followers and fans have been wondering about whether Cameron Diaz has had plastic surgery for a while. Cameron Diaz is an actress who has made her name by starring in a number of popular hit movies. She was born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego, California, and she originally worked as a model before getting her break on the big screen.
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