Christa Miller face before and after plastic surgery

By popular demand, here's Christa Miller
By popular demand, here’s Christa Miller. I have been receiving emails asking,’What happened to her face?’ for about two years now. I am baffled about what happened to her face. She was pretty cute when she was on ‘The Drew Carey’ show, but now during her appearances on ‘Scrubs’, the emails I have been receiving suggest that she looks ‘odd’ and that her face does not move (she apparently has trouble forming expressions). To me, this would indicate botox overuse. Her eyes also have that stretched look, so maybe she had some sort of mini face lift or brow lift.

Does Christa Miller look like the Cat Lady?
I get a huge amount of mail about Christa Miller. She is relatively minor celebrity, but a flood of people write in about her face looking weird at least once a year. I do think her face is looking very, very tight, in the chin area sort of like Jocelyn Wildenstein. The skin is so tight there, it looks bizarrely dimpled.
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